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download gta 5 apk android

all guys always ask me hoq to download and play gta 5 game in android mobiles so today i will tell u in detail watch now to know about Gta 5 for android must watch & download now all youtube videos reallity about gta 5 game download in mobile thia is fake game not real gta5 ...


free shop ps3


how to make a pkg ps3 for han ofw 4.82 ps3xploit no cfw

Hi guys its me again with another tutorial Step by step.

Step 1: So first what we need is ps3cfwtools and resigner v2.0.
Step 2: Find The Folder of the game where PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE are no problem if it doesnt have PS3_UPDATE.
Step 3: So u need to have the LICDIR in the PS3_GAME Folder if u dont have it the game will not work so try generating with ps3cfwtools, if the folder have the LICDIR u dont need to generate.
Step 4: Then we need to send the PS3_GAME Folder where the cfw2ofw helper is.
Step 5: Drag the PS3_GAME Folder to the cfw2ofw helper.
Step 6: Wait till all things in the cfw2ofw helper are done then press any button to exit.
Step 7: After all are done u will get two Folders one is BLUS**** and the other one should be NPUB****(Example)
Step 8: Copy & paste both u got the BLUS and NPUB paste them to make-backup pkg then press do.
Step 9: Wait till it creates the .pkg, the patch and the LIC after creating them u will get 3 pkgs one is lic one patch and one the game.
Step 10: Copy & Paste the three pkgs u got and paste it to resigner v2.0 then drag them one by one to ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign
Step 11: u Will get the .signed.pkg u dont need to remove the name or rename it, just delete the .pkgs u had and keep the .signed.pkgs u got now.
So yea that's it hope u will enjoy,


best mod menu gta 5 for ps3 cfw ( semjases 13.5 ) 1.27

1 mod installable menu in PKG format (very simple installation, video provides for installation)
Compatible CEX or DEX Console choose the type of your console from the drop-down list for sending the menu.
A unique license key included in the pkg file during installation.
Unlimited update of the mod menu for life.
Menu in French (exclusive translation by the shop)
The menu Semjases Premium is a very stable menu and constantly updated, it brings unique functions especially in the modification of vehicles.

latest version of Semjases Modloader mod manager created by Semjasesdev.

This version brings are lot of novelty and all included scripts are up to date.


Update ; 1.27 / 1.28

How to use the menu ?

Opening the Mod menu

R3 + L3


A soldier died before meeting his baby, so his Army family welcomed her with open arms ( news )

Two-month-old Christian Harris just got to meet some very special people: the soldiers who served alongside her late father.
Army Spc. Christopher M. Harris died in August, just one week after his wife, Britt Harris, told him she was pregnant. He was serving in Afghanistan when his wife called from Fayetteville, North Carolina, to share the news.
"He teared up and immediately started telling all of his friends," Harris said, explaining that being a dad was her husband's biggest goal in life.

    "They've been a part of her life before she was even born, and I know they're going to be around for the rest of her life," Harris said. "No matter where the Army takes them all, I will be able to show Christian how they all came together for her."
    In the photos, the infant wears her father's dog tags, along with a onesie that reads "My daddy's my hero" and "SPC Chris Harris" underneath.
    The couple married in Asheville, North Carolina, on October 15, 2016.

    For her maternity photos, Harris drove more than four hours to the spot where they wed. She said she is grateful she has their baby daughter to remember her husband by and hopes to teach Christian all about her father's extroverted personality.
    "He loved going out and meeting everyone," Harris said. "So I've been trying to channel my inner Chris more, so one day I can teach her and show her all the things he would."


    download pes 19 xbox 360 [multi]

    pes 19 xbox 360

    This year, football fans are spoiled. A world mondovision title released from the hat of DD mid-July, and the release of a new simu from the end of August, a period where one usually scoured the sites in search of a demo. Yes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is again the first, with a new version that will benefit from the same stroke of a full month to get in the legs before the release of the FIFA mastodon. With the firm intention, like the teams engaged at the last World Cup, to thwart all odds

    PES 2019 comes out with a month ahead of the competition, and it's not a chance planning. In the field, this vintage is finally very close to the version published last year. Whether in the rhythm of the match,

    Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.

     the physics of the ball, the logic of travel, the philosophy of the game, PES players will instinctively regain their brands as we put on their old molds for the five of Tuesday night. In 2018, the difference is essentially on the controls increasingly picky and less immediate, at the risk of increasing the feeling of inertia. In detail, 

    the more untidy animations always take into account more factors, such as the positioning of the body in relation to the opponent and his ball, the power of the pass and in counterpoint the technique of the player at the reception. Faced with the quality of the opposition, still as rough, the time required for the control is generally longer this year, which increases the chances of intervention of the defender, and the obligation to position well to keep the ball. A choice that goes in the direction of licked football that drives PES, forcing to favor deviations in one touch, construction in triangle, support on the environment and go-and-go galore. Balloon for aesthetes.


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