download multiman for ps4

The developer LightningMods offers us a new version of his manager Orbisman which passes in v2 Beta. This manager has some functions such as the kernel dump, a spoof or an FTP server.

Attention this "manager" is intended only for holders of PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro firmware 4.55 or 5.05 knowing that it has an automatic detector firmware.

ere are some features of Orbisman v2 Beta:

- File manager
- System call 9 (sys_unjail)
- JKPatch RPC server
- Automatic download settings
- PKG remote installation server
- ELF USB charger
- Remote game patches (no UDI)
- New icons

Section 1
- Turn background music on and off
- Enable / disable automatic download JKPatch
- Enable / disable FTP automatic download
- Credits

Section 2 (Kernel Menu)
- Dumper Kernel
- Dumping of keys (PSID, partial IDP, key EAP) - ALL will be written on USB0
- Id Spoof Target (Devkit, TestKit, Retail)
- Spoof FW (9.99, 5.55, Restore 5.05)
- UART (On, Off)

Section 3 (HDD Menu) - USB0 ONLY!
- Backup and restore App.db
- Remote reading patch
- Decryption and Dump FS (Restart required to avoid system problems)
- Dump Misc (notifcation.db, SceShellCore)
- R / W on System Partition (On / Off)

Section 4 (Miscellaneous)
- Linux Loader
- Restart after recovery
- Remove controls
- LITE blocker update (Enabled / Disabled)
- Cleaning notifications

Section 5 (Game)
- Changing the light bar (green, blue and red).
- Starting the PKG server
- USB ELF loader


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