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needs a bit of larceny machine half dozen.

Whenever Rockstar updates GTA on-line heads swivel and also the inevitable question returns – once is GTA half dozen coming back out?

Unfortunately Rockstar has barely hinted a few new larceny machine game, and also the majority of leaks are rumours at the best, guess work, or simply straight up lies at the worst. A industry making GTA half dozen YouTube videos has sprung up, however these are not any a lot of legit than your friend whose uncle works at Rockstar and has contend the alpha. Dude, nobody has contend the sport.

There is hope that it exists in some kind tho'. Back in March 2016 we have a tendency to reportable that GTA half dozen was in production. This was before Rockstar aforesaid it absolutely was concentrating therefore heavily on GTA on-line tho'therefore schedules can don't have any doubt modifiedhoweverGTA five has shipped eighty five million copies. in fact GTA half dozen goes to be in production in some kindsimply bear in mind that Rockstar’s massive focus for the present is Red Dead Redemption a pair oftherefore expect that to require priorty for many a lot of years however.

More recently, an enormous leak came from The recognize citing an interior supplythat implies GTA half dozen returns to Vice townoptions a feminine lead and will be out as late as 2022. 

GTA half-dozen unharness date – once is GTA half-dozen out?
Rockstar recently took the terribly rare step of dismissing a rumour that GTA half-dozen would be discharged in 2019. Some modders had hacked GTA on-line to point out a pop-up that publicized ensuingtheft machine game would be starting off in 2019. That’s fumble, obviously, and therefore the rumour was presently shot down.

Look, we’ll be viciously honest with you. GTA half-dozen doesn’t have an officer unharness date however, and even once it will, Rockstar incorporates a history of delays. GTA five was command back, conjointly the} computer version was also delayed some of times. ensuing game from Rockstar is Red Dead Redemption a pair of, and that’s already been delayed. therefore once GTA half-dozen will eventually get its initialunharness date, don’t place cash on that.

The most recent rumours from The recognize counsel an extended watch for GTA half-dozen. If it’s still 3-4 years away, expect GTA half-dozen to be discharged around 2022.

GTA half-dozen map – wherever is that the next GTA game set?
Everyone has their own plan of wherever ensuing GTA half-dozen map ought to be. And it’s not simply fans of the series – this assets company recreated their own map of Portland complete with pins observing soundretailers and tattoo parlours for a couple of clicks. apart from London, GTA games square measuren’t set in real-world locations though every of their maps are supported for the most part inhabited cities. Liberty town was supported the big applewhereas Los urban center incorporates LA and therefore the closecounty. Expect a map for GTA half-dozen to possess larger size goals then, and to suck up acquaintedcomponents of the us.

Rumours from The recognize square measure inform to Vice town because the locations for GTA half-dozenadditionally as suggesting there'll be travel outside of the U.S.A. to South America to continue missions there. If so, it'd mark a giant modification to maneuver outside of the ushowever might offer a whole various setting to a sprawling cosmopolitan town.

GTA 6 news
Who’s continually got the GTA news for you? we've got. We’ve got an in depth library of all things GTA five, GTA on-line and GTA half-dozen speculation. marker this page as a result of if something necessary breaks, we’ll air it sort of a tramp on chips.


GTA half-dozen characters – will we have a tendency to expect Franklin, Trevor or archangel to return?
We’re pretty bound the stories of GTA 5’s protagonists square measure over, as they ne'er did create it into the secure GTA five single-player story DLC. however once GTA half-dozen will surface you ought to expect a couple of acquainted faces, names, firms and locations to ensue. There’s history here; Lazlow Jones has been sound around GTA games since GTA three, Ken Rosenburg has portrayed Tommy from Vice town and CJ from San Andreas, and CJ, Sweet and Ryder all create a momentaneous look in GTA five.

GTA half-dozen can be the primary within the series to focus heavily on a feminine lead, per those rumours from The recognizewe'd expect multiple protagonists once more, as we have a tendency to saw with GTA five, and a serious feminine character ought to enliven the theft machine formula.

GTA half-dozen cars – what cars are going to be in GTA 6?
The list of vehicles in GTA five and GTA on-line is intensiveto mention the smallest amount. If it exists in real-life then you'll bet your ass Rockstar can recreate one thing similar for a GTA game. That goes for cars from correct makers, military vehicles and fiction – like this Batmobile impressed vigilance man.