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ps3 rsod fix (red screen of death) / downgrad ps3 from any firmware/ fix trophy / rogero downgrader cfw

How To Fix RSOD Ps3 On 3.55 Cfw  

1. First You Have To Downgrade Back To 3.55 If Your On A Higher Cfw   

Remove Any Disk From Tray Before Performing Update 
2.Once You Have Downgraded You Will Likely Have To Dehash Your System 
So You Will Have To Install Qa Flag If You Already Havnt: qa_flag.pkg 
3 Now Install This Special Fw Made By NOTHEROS Which Will Bypass The RSOD So You Can Fix It:355-NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP 
4. Now When You Have Updated You Should Be Able To Access The XMB Now But Your Not finished Yet 
5. Now You Want To Download This Pkg But Dont Run it: FactoryServiceMode.pkg 
6 when you have installed you want to download the next file which will fix the rsod: FactoryServiceMode_Lv2diag_RSOD.self 
7. Now Rename thr File In There To lv2diag.self then put on the root Of Your USB 
8 Plug your usb into the right Most Usb port Of your ps3 Then run the factory srvice mode pkg 
9. your ps3 screen should go black if it beeps once it has worked and it will boot right back to the XMB(Dont Worry If Your Ps3 LED Blinks Yellow For A Few Seconds That Means Its Rewriting the flash 
10. Now When Your Done Plug your usb back into Your Computer And If you open your usb you will see a rsod fix.txt Open It And If It Says Success It Means Its Worked!! 
11. Now Your Fixed!! You Now have a new non rsod ps3! 



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