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the GTA movie (ft. Steven Ogg)

With PlayStation VR on the point of launch, there is no higher time to imagine what one amongst the world's most well-liked game series may appear as if in computer game.

Grand Theft motorcar VR may be a short film exploring specifically that concept - with reminder The Matrix and Twilight Zone mixed in. Buckeye State - and GTA5's Trevor (aka real-life actor Steven Ogg).

Let's be clear, computer game is obscurity close to this - however. GTA VR is additional of a holodeck expertisehowever we are able to forgive all that for the standard of the film's production.

If you recognise Ogg outside of GTA5 (although he's the likeness of Trevor) then you'll have seen him in North American country TV shows like higher decision Saul and Westworld - he is conjointly simply joined the solid of a bit series named The Walking Dead.