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how to make a pkg ps3 for han ofw 4.82 ps3xploit no cfw

Hi guys its me again with another tutorial Step by step.

Step 1: So first what we need is ps3cfwtools and resigner v2.0.
Step 2: Find The Folder of the game where PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE are no problem if it doesnt have PS3_UPDATE.
Step 3: So u need to have the LICDIR in the PS3_GAME Folder if u dont have it the game will not work so try generating with ps3cfwtools, if the folder have the LICDIR u dont need to generate.
Step 4: Then we need to send the PS3_GAME Folder where the cfw2ofw helper is.
Step 5: Drag the PS3_GAME Folder to the cfw2ofw helper.
Step 6: Wait till all things in the cfw2ofw helper are done then press any button to exit.
Step 7: After all are done u will get two Folders one is BLUS**** and the other one should be NPUB****(Example)
Step 8: Copy & paste both u got the BLUS and NPUB paste them to make-backup pkg then press do.
Step 9: Wait till it creates the .pkg, the patch and the LIC after creating them u will get 3 pkgs one is lic one patch and one the game.
Step 10: Copy & Paste the three pkgs u got and paste it to resigner v2.0 then drag them one by one to ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign
Step 11: u Will get the .signed.pkg u dont need to remove the name or rename it, just delete the .pkgs u had and keep the .signed.pkgs u got now.
So yea that's it hope u will enjoy,